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Are you a critical thinking, INTELLIGENT Black person (with a slightly wicked sense of humor) who can’t stand one more minute of the ignorance, coonery, or buffoonery in black imagery running rampant in the media today? Here’s the #1 podcast exclusively for YOU… 

February 27, 2019

~ The Smart Black People Podcast ~ EPISODE #2 - Jussie Smollett, Liam Neeson & Do Black People Want The Truth?

So... did Jussie Smollett Lie?  The truth about why so many Black people gleefully called Jussie a liar immediately.


Is Liam Neeson a racist?


SHOULD we boycott Gucci, Prada and other brands that traffic in coonish imagery?


As always, dissecting the answers may not be as clear cut as you thought.  Listen in ONLY if you can think critically, suspend initial judgements, and you routinely fuck with logic...

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