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Are you a critical thinking, INTELLIGENT Black person (with a slightly wicked sense of humor) who can’t stand one more minute of the ignorance, coonery, or buffoonery in black imagery running rampant in the media today? Here’s the #1 podcast exclusively for YOU… 

March 11, 2019

~The Smart Black People Podcast~ Episode #4 - THE TALKING DEAD: The Obama Hate, R. Kelly Sickness & Why Your Favorite Pro-Black Guru Might Be Helping You Take L’s

My father called them 'The Talkers...'


...I updated their name to 'THE TALKING DEAD.'


What's important is that they are one of the most destructive forces and a scourge to the Black community and family worldwide because they infect us with a deadly virus... that seeps in and sows division, discord and SMOKE.


The Barack Obama hate is one result as is the curious affliction that debilitates some Black people called 'R. Kelly Sickness."


And it might even be why as an otherwise smart Black person you are unintentionally SABOTAGING YOURSELF into taking L after L after L instead of winning in life.


Either way, as usual, Harkon Ajala, fearless leader of The Smart Black People revolution dives into the deep end of this controversial issue head first in this episode of The Smart Black People Podcast. 


Buckle up.  Some peeps might be catching some feels in a few...

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